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Client Safeguarding

Named contact for client protection issues: Pete Scott

Vulnerable Older Person Protection Policy

Last updated: January 2016

Statement: “Growing Together believe that a key responsibility of the organisation is to protect vulnerable adults (referred to here as ‘clients’). We recognise that all members of staff, voluntary workers and members of the management committee carry a responsibility towards Older People and their families. We will endeavour to keep clients safe from abuse and suspicion of abuse will be promptly and appropriately responded to. We will act in the best interest of the client at all times…”

Download the pdf of our Vulnerable Older Person Policy January 2016


Peter Scott BA(Hons) MA(Open)

Diploma in Social & Therapeutic Horticulture

Coventry University, 2014

Tracey Scott

Continuous Professional Development in Using social and therapeutic horticulture to support people living with Dementia

Thrive, 2018

Thrive is a leading charity in the UK that uses gardening to bring about positive changes in the lives of people who are living with disabilities or ill health. With 35 years’ experience, Thrive are the experts in training people to use social and therapeutic horticulture to help people touched by disability.

Peter achieved his diploma level qualification through Thrive at Coventry University. Whilst being inspired by the quality of the training, it became clear to Peter how inaccessible such courses were to people in the West Country. Due to Peter’s natural enthusiasm and persistence, Thrive asked him to find a suitable conference centre in our area that they could use.

And so it was that Tracey was able to apply for this free training course at Budleigh Salterton Wellbeing Hub. The venue itself is very new and smart, with an excellent cafe staffed by young people with learning difficulties. There were 11 other people on the course, all involved with activity management in local care homes. It was a very humbling experience to see how passionately they felt about the quality of the lives of the older people they cared for, despite the difficulties and frustrations they faced every day, not to mention the low pay. The course itself was excellent, giving us all so many exciting ideas about how to run gardening clubs, and to help people enjoy just being outside and active.


Growing Together Devon’s Ham Garden Restoration Project

It’s Your Neighbourhood Award

Royal Horticultural Society and South West in Bloom, 2017

One of our most exciting projects has been in the development of a community garden border in Sidmouth.

The plot is situated in front of a terrace of houses that do not have gardens, so it has provided opportunities for planting and tending to all the neighbours, their friends and families. The oldest ‘worker’ we have is 93 and the youngest is 3!

The border is also on the main walkway to the seafront, and many people who walk past regularly have expressed their appreciation of the planting and maintaining that has been carried out. This included local people and visitors, and we have seen a new sense of pride and ownership in the area, to such an extent that dog owners no longer allow their dogs to walk on the area, and people stop to pick up litter.

Imagine how excited we were to receive this Britain in Bloom ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood award’!

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