About Us 

Growing Together Devon is a small not for profit organisation that uses gardening to make peoples lives better. Since 2011 we have seen at first hand how gardening improves the physical and psychological well being of older people.

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▶︎ Who are our services aimed at Our clients are older people, their families and in some cases their carers.

▶︎ Outcomes :

✔︎ Helping people maintain independence : For many older people living at home, not coping with their garden can be a major negative influence. In a survey by the English Courtyard Association 70% of people cite an inability to look after their garden as a major reason for moving to sheltered accommodation.

✔︎ Improved wellbeing : Gardening is one of the most popular activities in the UK. At Growing Together we believe that supported gardening can foster improved physical health and emotional well being.

✔︎ Reducing the social isolation of older people : Life changing events such as bereavement, age related illnesses and in some cases memory loss can lead to a reduction in social contact. Both the Campaign to End Loneliness and AgeUK’s work recognise that older people are particularly vulnerable to feelings of loneliness and depression. 

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